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A laboratory assistant finds himself alone and blinded in an abandoned laboratory that was once his home. His only hope of escape is you, and your only means of communication is an intercom that can only produce a single tone.


  • Press Space to Beep

Update 2019/08/07: If you're having difficulty getting input commands to be recognized, here are some tips:

  • There are only two kinds of tones/sounds you can make - "short" or "long" - depending on how long you hold space.
  • For "short" tones, very quickly tap space.
  • You do not need to hold space for longer than half a second for a "long" tone.

Made for the 2019 Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam.


intercom-win-x86-64.zip 20 MB


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There is an amazing potential for this to expand in an artistic level. I think this design puts a lot of emphasis on the relationship of these two characters.  I love that.

I'd love to partake in helping you expand on this story. I am a 3D artist.

I love the idea, would love to help further the development if you need assistance!

Dude this was great. Please continue, I would pay for this.

If you'll ever make a full version/ sequel to this, please use "what's your name" response that player gives in some way later. Like if you get it wrong later the guy  says "wait, I thought your name was something else. Was I talking to different guy all this time?" :)


The game is pretty interesting, but the part with the maintenance shaft is too difficult. It's also great that the player sets what the intercom beeps for each action are.

Great and clever idea! Though I wouldn't add stuff like timed events in game but nonetheless, an amazingly produced game!

Fantastic game! *Please* keep working on this--I want to know what happens!


Of course very well executed given the theme and short time. But the one thing I loved most out of this game is that the character actually learns from your input. That just really sold the concept to me and made the character come alive! Really well done! Adding this to my watchlist :D

wow, this was wonderful. amazing idea and superbly executed! i definitely want to see this expanded on.

Very nice, good idea and the end is fun